• Thursday, September 12, 2019

Auxiliary Program Newsletter - Fall 2019

How Was Your Summer?

CAIS Summer Camp 2019Auxiliary Program’s summer at CAIS was fantastic and we hope yours was, too! Our “Playing with Chinese” Summer Camp could just as easily have been called, “Playing with Food!” Campers were immersed in Chinese while learning about various traditional food cultures and nutrition. Beyond dumplings and green onion pancakes, our campers were introduced to the historical evolution of food, understanding the dietary needs from different cultural groups, and exploring the importance of food in culture. 

Camp culminated with a huge food festival. The campers served their friends and families with wonderful dishes they learned about during camp. We also had a wonderful time jumping around in the three huge jumpy houses. Enjoy this video recapping CAIS Summer Camp! 

  • Important Auxiliary Program Dates

    September 20: Sign-up Begins for October Mini-Camps (Visit UltraCamp to register)
    October 10 - 11: In-Service Days (Mini-Camps will be offered)
    October 14: Indigenous People’s Day
    November 8: LS & MS P/T Conference (PD at ECD) (Mini-Camps will be offered)
    November 15: LS & MS P/T Conference (PD at ECD) (Mini-Camps will be offered)
    November 22: Thanksgiving Luncheon, Early Dismissal
    • November 25-29: Thanksgiving Break
    December 20: Early Dismissal
    December 23-January 3: Winter Break

  • After School Updates

    New Reading Lounge for Kindergarten through Second Graders

    New Schedules / New Spaces!

    The Auxiliary Program is excited to have new spaces to use for aftercare. Our first through third graders can now access all library materials and activities in our new space and have been super excited! Fourth and fifth graders are having a blast in Room 57, which has been converted to an afterschool (emphasis on “cool”) lounge.

    Aftercare Schedule for Kindergarten:




    Indoor Time (snacks, restroom break, story time and choice activity)




    Indoor Choice Activity

    Aftercare Schedule for First through Third Graders:




    Indoor Choice Activity
    Supervised by our Teaching Associates along with our Auxiliary team, children are welcome to work together or with TAs on schoolwork,, read, study, draw, or play games quietly during this time.


    Gather in the 3rd floor Open Space




    Relax in 3rd floor Open Space

    Aftercare Schedule for Fourth and Fifth Graders:


    Study Hall
    Fourth and fifth graders go to separate Study Hall classrooms supervised by our Teaching Associates along with our Auxiliary team .


    Gather in Room 57, our new Lounge




    Relax in the Room 57 Lounge
    Students who need additional time to do schoolwork are able to go to the Library, which is supervised by Auxiliary staff.

    After School Lounge

    Ping Pong in After School Lounge Foosball in After School Lounge

  • Chinese American International School


    Early Childhood Division (Preschool) | Alice A. Carnes Center
    42/52 Waller Street 

    Early Childhood Division (K-1)
    and Lower School (2-5)
    150 Oak Street 

    Middle School (6-8)
    888 Turk Street 

    San Francisco, CA 94102