Human Library Returns to the 888 Campus

Mrs. Lee runs the second Human Library at 888 CampusIt takes something pretty special to elicit genuine applause from an audience of middle school students. At the Monday, December 3 Community Meeting, Learning Center Coordinator Cassy Lee received such enthusiastic applause when she announced that there would be a second Human Library presentation taking place on Friday, December 14. With the intent of fostering conversations that challenge stereotypes and prejudices, Ms. Lee has invited fascinating speakers to be “books” in our Human Library and share stories of how some aspect of their identity defies stereotypes and how they have persevered in the face of discrimination (this could be related to any identity characteristic—such as gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, immigration status, etc.). For this second Human Library presentation, students will choose between Jeremy Jue on growing up third-generation American born Chinese; Hanin Benchohra on Muslim-American identity; Candace Sue on growing up black and Chinese; Leigh Crow on being a gender non-conformist; Zak Franet on the experience of being homeless; Captain Troy Dangerfield on being a police officer in San Francisco; Minna Choi on making music your career, not just your hobby; and Miriam Ani, who will perform a short performance piece on walking your own path.