Greetings from the Head of School

Welcome 欢迎 (huānyíng), to the Chinese American International School, the oldest Mandarin immersion school in the nation. Founded in San Francisco in 1981, CAIS is a leader in its field and prides itself on being a life changing, world changing institution.

For 40 years, CAIS has prepared students to navigate the interconnected world they will inherit. At CAIS, we have created a challenging educational program which provides students with the academic skills and core social emotional competencies that will serve them across American and Chinese language and culture. We envision new generations of passionate, engaged, and reflective learners who lead meaningful and impactful lives across languages and cultures—and it is our commitment to foster this future.

If this vision interests you, I encourage you to visit our school and get to know us better. Familiarize yourself with our educational programs and the group of talented, dedicated and creative students, educators, parents and friends who comprise our inclusive community. 



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Fourth Grade Coding Class