Summer Camp

COVID Protocols – Summer Camp 2022


For Summer Camp 2022, CAIS will follow our 2021-2022 Pandemic Response Protocols.

  • For everyone’s safety, families are asked each day to monitor their children for the potential symptoms of COVID.
  • All children and adults must stay home if they are sick.
  • Per SFDPH guidance, testing is not required unless a child develops symptoms. 
  • If your child develops symptoms please test them (at home tests are acceptable) and alert right away regarding any positive test results.
  • Children who have not tested positive for COVID may continue to attend camp as long as they are asymptomatic. Please note that this is the guidance whether there may have been a positive case in a camper’s section or not. Possible close contacts do not have any different guidance to follow regarding testing.

Some specific modifications for Summer Camp 2022 include the following:

Masking Protocols

For the Summer Camp sessions at the Waller Street and Oak Street campuses, masking currently is required indoors for all children and adults and is optional outdoors for all. As outlined in the masking details presented here, when the CDC country tracking risk level moves into the green (low risk) CAIS may assess whether to relax the indoor requirement.

COVID-19 Screening

CAIS will not be conducting weekly saliva testing for summer camp attendees.

Communication During Summer Camp

  • If a camper or instructor tests positive, they will be sent home (or will need to stay home) and follow the SFDPH isolation and return to school guidelines (instructions will be sent directly to the family or faculty from the Auxiliary Program working with the Health Center).
  • Each day of camp, instructors and all families of summer campers will receive a digest email recapping whether any new positive cases have been reported that day to CAIS.
  • Please keep in mind that in accordance with confidentiality and privacy rights to which all individuals are legally entitled to, CAIS is unable to share any more information beyond the camp section in which a positive case was identified.
  • For current CAIS families, please know that the PowerSchool page used during the school year will not share information regarding Summer Camp cases.