Middle School Beginner Debate


Session D: July 15-July 19

Multiple Speech and Debate Events: Students will explore multiple speech and debate events. These include: Lincoln-Douglas debate, Parliamentary debate, Congressional Debate, Extemporaneous Speaking, Impromptu Speaking, Oratorical Interpretation, and Expository speaking. Starting in the Fall of 2018, students will have the choice to join multiple speech and debate events. This will give students a great introduction to those events.

Technical Debate: Students will spend a quarter of their time mastering the technical aspects of debate. This means a lot of drills to sharpen their skills related to cross-examination, rebuttals, crystallization, flowing, performing weighing analysis, attacking frameworks, and learning how to handle faster debate speeds.

Future Topic Primers: Students will get an overview of all potential topics for the upcoming debate year. This will give them all a jump start on the upcoming debate year so they can spend more time debating and less time working on case development during the school year.

Philosophy: Students will spend a quarter of their time mastering foundational philosophy that is used in debate. Authors include John Locke, John Stuart Mill, Thomas Hobbes, Immanuel Kant, John Rawls, and more! Students will explore topics around morality, ethics, government, justice, objectivism, and more! Complex theories and ideas like this will be taught in a fun and digestible way for students of any middle-school grade to digest.

Speech: Students will spend a significant portion of time becoming powerful orators. Even though strong argumentation and logic are central to debate, speech and effective communication is fundamental. Through an array of drills and activities, students will learn how to balance both logic and oratory. ​

Games and fun: Summer should be fun. We intend to learn a lot, but the summer session will also have plenty of time for fun debate related games. We want kids to want to be there and will help cultivate that with occasional games to keep things light but informative.

Students are encouraged to pair this one-week camp with either the Speech: Oratorical and Humorous Interpretation, Expository, Impromptu Speaking, the Accelerated Prep Session for Lincoln Douglas Debate, or the Oxford Debate, Congressional Debate, & Parliamentary Debate camps.

Who: Any middle school student who has not taken a CAIS or Athens Debate class.
Rate: $700 per one-week camp session (per student)
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.