Speech: Oratorical and Humorous Interpretation, Expository, Impromptu Speaking


B: June 24-28
F: July 29 to August 2

Students will spend one-week learning the “speech” side of “speech and debate” by learning various speech events. Speech tends to be an incredibly fun and popular way to learn the art of communication. This camp will focus on Oratorical and Humorous Interpretation, Expository, Impromptu Speaking.

Impromptu speaking: Impromptu is a public speaking event where students have seven minutes to select a topic, brainstorm their ideas, outline and deliver a speech. The speech is given without notes and uses an introduction, body, and conclusion. The speech can be light-hearted or serious. It can be based upon prompts that range from nursery rhymes, current events, celebrities, organizations, and more.

Humorous Interpretation: Using a play, short story, or other published work, students perform a selection of one or more portions of a piece up to ten minutes in length. Humorous Interpretation is designed to test a student’s comedic skills through script analysis, delivery, timing, and character development. Competitors may portray one or multiple characters. No props or costumes may be used. Performances can also include an introduction written by the student to contextualize the performance and state the title and the author.
Expository speaking: Crafting an original speech, Expository students should describe, clarify, illustrate, or define an object, idea, concept, or process. The speech includes research and is aimed at informing the audience; the goal is to educate, not to advocate. No visual aids are permitted. The time limit is five minutes. The speech is delivered from memory.

Oratorical Interpretation: Oratorical Interpretation, or OI, is an individual event that requires you to find a published speech that was actually delivered in a public forum. This speech event encourages you to understand the relationship of an oration to the times that inspired it. You must analyze and understand the goals and motivation of the original speaker, and interpret the oration with a whole new voice to a whole new audience.

Students are encouraged to pair this one-week camp with either the Middle School Beginner Debate, the Accelerated Prep Session for Lincoln Douglas Debate, or the Oxford Debate, Congressional Debate, & Parliamentary Debate camps.

Who: 6th, 7th, and 8th graders
Rate: $700 per one-week camp session (per student)
Hours: 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.