Comic and Basic Animation Summer Camp

Comic and Basic Animation Summer Camp 2022

Comic and Basic Animation

Students learn visual storytelling through their choices of images and words. At the end of each camp, each student develops their own comic style and puts it together as a zine for an exhibition installation and comic reading on the final day of camp.


Day 1, Monday

Character Design and Development

Day 2, Tuesday

Background Settings and Visual Storytelling Elements in Comics

Day 3, Wednesday

Zine formats and Thumbnails for Final Project

Day 4, Thursday

Pencilling, Inking and Coloring with Traditional tools and Techniques

Day 5, Friday

Open studio day to get individual feedback and present final work as an Art installation and Comic Reading


A comic and basic animation summer camp will focus on engaging each students’ creativity individually but also emphasizing on activities that are done collaboratively as a class. Each session will be of three hours. During these intense sessions, students will learn the basics of visual storytelling and combine it with a theme, based on which they will work on a final Zine project. The themes could vary from climate change to diversity in culture to mystical and fantastical worlds to memoir narrations.

The idea is to make the students think out of the box and come up with editorial pieces fit for publishing on social media or any other channel they may prefer. The themes as well as the topics covered will be age appropriate.

The students will also be encouraged to read and bring their favorite comic books during summer camp time.

So come and fire that imagination this summer at Shuchi’s Comic and Basic Animation Summer Camps. (Students interested in working digitally will be expected to bring their own ipads and will be shown the basics of animations, frame by frame during class time)

Time: 9am - 12pm
Grades: 1st - 5th
Cost: $320 per week

  • Week of 6/20 - 6/24
  • Week of 7/11 - 7/15
  • Week of 7/18 - 7/22 

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