Core Values

As Head of School Jeff Bissell shared in his blog post announcing our Core Values, he is proud and deeply satisfied that we can connect the dots between the Core Values that emerged from our long and inclusive process and some of the received wisdom from China’s first sage, Confucius. In other words, these are not American values or Chinese values, they are world values. They are our CAIS values. 

Firedragons provided by professional illustrator and alumna Katrina Soo Hoo ’99

Core Value
How We Live It at CAIS Confucian Connection

好 奇 Curiosity

Core Value - Curiosity

多问:我们想了解我们的世界和想象新的可 能性

Ask More: We wonder about our world and imagine new possibilities

What a pleasure it is to learn and frequently practice what one has learned 

(from the Analects of Confucius《论语》)

包容 Inclusion

Core Value - Inclusion


Invite In: We champion and care for others within our community and beyond 

A person of noble character is in harmony with others even though they may not see eye to eye. 

(from the Analects of Confucius《论语》) 

善良 Kindness

Core Value - Kindness


Build Up: We use kind words and actions to support each other and ourselves 

To be kind is to be human. 

(from “The Mean”《中庸》)

毅力 Perseverance

Core Value - Perseverance


Keep Trying: We push ourselves and stick with it when things get tough

In building up a hill, if I stop before adding the last basketful of earth, then I have stopped. In leveling the ground, even if I have only filled one basketful of earth, I am still moving forward and making progress. 

(from the Analects of Confucius《论语》)

勇气 Courage

Core Value - Courage


Be Brave: We take risks and responsibility, even when it is hard

Seeing what is right but not doing it shows a lack of courage. 

(from the Analects of Confucius《论语》)
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