How many spots are there in preschool? How competitive is it?

The number of spots varies from year to year depending on the number of siblings we have applying. CAIS offers priority to CAIS families. As a general rule, it is more competitive at the 3 year old level. We do recommend families that are not offered placement for preschool 3 to reapply the following year to preschool 4 where it is likely to be much less competitive.  There is an additional opportunity at Kindergarten. We now have an additional K class making that 4 classes with a maximum of 18 per class. This year there are 15 students per class with 2 teachers in each English and Chinese class.

What are you looking for?

Head of School, Division Heads, and the Admissions team—has to make some very difficult decisions on who to invite to join CAIS. This decision is multi-faceted. In general terms we are looking to build a diverse class in all of its meanings; we are looking for a range of learners; we are looking to balance boy/girl ratio; we are looking to balance numbers for preschool 4 and preschool 3; we are looking at the child’s readiness for our program and we are looking at family fit. What does “fit” mean? It means a family fully understands and is committed to our vision and will partner with us on their child’s journey.

Does my child need to be potty trained?

Toilet training is not a requirement for the Two Year Old Classroom. However, it is required for the Preschool 3 and Preschool 4 students. (Childcare centers have strict licensing standards for changing and disposing of soiled diapers, and our Preschool 3 and 4 classrooms are not equipped for diaper changing.)

How do you deal with behavioral incidents?

In the ECD we use the principles of Positive Discipline to inform our approach to behavior guidance. Positive Discipline focuses on long-term solutions by helping children become responsible, respectful, and contributing members of their communities. When a behavior incident arises, teachers have a wide repertoire of strategies they use depending on the child and the situation. Instead of punishment, teachers seek to understand the need or belief behind the behavior and then choose the most appropriate intervention.

What are volunteer opportunities?

There are many volunteer opportunities throughout the year. Parents can volunteer to help out with events such as woodworking, Thanksgiving pie making, Water Play Day, the Halloween pumpkin hunt, Messy Art Day, and many more!

My child already speaks Chinese at home; will they be challenged?

All children come into our program with different strengths and areas of growth. Our teachers are skilled at getting to know each child and determining where their learning edge is. For children who already speak Chinese, they may find more challenge in the English class or using Chinese in social interactions with their peers. All children, regardless of their language background, have opportunities to grow and develop in our preschool program.

Why do you have mixed age classes?

Mixed age classrooms are an important component of our preschool program. The older students help the younger students acclimate to the classroom, and, in the Chinese classroom, serve as language role models. The older students benefit from this relationship by developing leadership skills, confidence, and maturity.

If my child spends 2 years in preschool will they be bored if the material is the same?

Not at all! Our curriculum follows students’ interests and questions and changes every year. When there is content that is repeated, such as social and emotional learning concepts, students are able to go deeper in the second year because they are developmentally in a very different place.

My child speaks a third language at home. Will this be a problem?

Twenty-two percent of CAIS students speak a third language at home. These students do as well, if not better, than their monolingual or bilingual peers.

My child is 3 on September 1st? Will they still spend 2 years in preschool?

There is a strict adherence to the cut-off date. However whether your child spends two years or one year in preschool will depend on their growth in their first year. Close attention is paid as to who is ready for Kindergarten and a recommendation may be made for your child to move up to K without spending a 2nd year. However this is based completely on the teachers’ assessment of your child’s readiness for K.

I have twins. Does that mean I have less of a chance of getting in?

No, we have a number of twins who have been enrolled each year and the same factors apply whether you have one child or two.

What is the admission process?

Tour, apply, provide supporting documents for your application, meet with Admission Director Elaine Chang, and enjoy a school visit with your child. See more on our Admission Process page.