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After school athletics offer students many opportunities to have fun, improve fitness, learn skills and teamwork and enrich friendships. Team sports are an integral part of the school experience, mentally, physically and socially. After school athletics is offered to fifth through eighth grade students and all participants are placed on a team regardless of previous experience or ability. Minimum requirements for participation are a great attitude, a willingness to work hard and the desire to improve one’s performance for the good of the team. The athletic department believes the joy of participating in athletics occurs from the moment a student puts on his or her uniform to the last high five, and is not based entirely on the final score.

CAIS competes in the SFAL league—comprised of independent schools around San Francisco—in cross country, volleyball, basketball and futsal. In recent years, CAIS has earned championship status in all the after school athletics it has participated in from cross country to volleyball, basketball, and futsal.

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Athletics FAQ

What sports are offered and when?

Volleyball and Cross Country (September-November)

Basketball (November-February)

Futsal (February-May)

Is there an additional fee for CAIS Athletics?


Do I need to fill out a permission slip?

No, it is included in your enrollment agreement.

How do I sign up for CAIS sports?

Students can sign up at the front desk of 888 Campus at the beginning of each season. Once they have signed up, they will receive team information through their Powerschool portal.

Can 5th graders play?

Fifth graders can run cross country. For the other sports, they are considered practice squad only.

Do I have to be an amazing player to play on the team?

No, all levels are welcome.

What league do we play in?

CAIS participates in the San Francisco Athletic League. All participants are SF independent and charter schools.

When we play at another school, how do I get to the game?

Players must arrange their own transportation to away games. Most parents share duties by carpooling.

Do I have to come to every single practice?

No, however practice time usually correlates to positive results, more playing time, and stronger team chemistry. Team members are required to attend games.

How long are the cross country races?

The races are 1.5 miles and take place in SF city parks (usually Golden Gate Park).

What are the differences between JV and Varsity?

Junior Varsity is for 6th graders entering the league and 7th graders who posted a sub .500 record in 6th grade. Varsity is for competitive 7th graders and 8th graders.

Where can I find Athletics information such as game times and practice schedules?

After the start of school, see the Athletics page on Schoology for more details.