The CAIS mission provides the vision for our curriculum. We challenge and support our students each day to embrace Chinese, become their best selves and create their place in the world. Authentic contexts for learning language and integrated content make learning experiences both meaningful and memorable.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Professional Development (English)

Cindy Chiang 姜欣怡

Chinese Program Director


Mandarin Immersion


CAIS students achieve Chinese proficiency levels that enable them to engage with confidence in interesting and meaningful classroom projects and in real-life situations, while simultaneously developing competencies that extend far beyond language learning.

Early Childhood


The Early Childhood Division (ECD)—Preschool through first grade—creates a joyful learning environment that sparks children’s creativity and curiosity while enhancing their language learning. We want children to make connections between the language and the real world, to have fun and build foundational skills for their future success.

Lower School


Second through fifth grade represent a deepening of understanding and skills. Students understand more about themselves, the world around them, and how they can contribute to making it better.

Middle School


Sixth through eighth grade is a time of enormous growth in agency and the Middle School program works to empower children through a variety of programs and approaches, such as Student Led Conferences, clubs, Zhang Hengs, and service opportunities.

Global Program


Our Global Learning Program is a hallmark of the CAIS experience. Outside of pandemic restrictions, our students travel to Taiwan in 5th grade, Guilin in 7th grade, and Yunnan in 8th grade. When faced with travel restrictions, we brought the world to us through the 春FUN Mandarin immersion programming.

Additional Aspects of Our Program


Extended Day

Extended Day

CAIS offers a wide range of auxiliary services that support students outside regular school hours. The Auxiliary Program includes after school enrichment classes, study hall, after school athletics, vacation care, international study programs during the regular school year, and Mandarin immersion summer camps.
Additional Programs

Additional Programs

Throughout our academic program in Chinese and English, CAIS teachers weave skill building in social-emotional learning; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI); technology and more.