CAIS parents are partners in their child’s education. The California Association of Independent Schools explains, “To be successful, every independent school needs and expects the cooperation of parents, who must understand and embrace the school’s mission, share its core values, and fully support its curriculum, faculty and staff.”



All parents and guardians of students as well as all faculty and staff are automatically members of the CAIS FSA and are invited to attend general meetings.



As the student population has grown, CAIS has spread across three campuses but stays one tight-knit school.

CAIS Traditions


Thanksgiving, Holiday Faire, Mass Greeting and Lion Dancers, Grandparent and Special Elders Luncheon and more.

Next Steps


Online Inquiry

Online Inquiry

Quickly sharing your contact information will allow us to keep you up-to-date on CAIS Admission information.
Apply Online

Apply Online

We invite you to complete the application form at this link to begin the formal process for considering your child for enrollment at CAIS.