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Trustee and Faculty Tours of Our Forever Home

As Head of Lower School Kimberly Kaz shared, “During May’s In-Service Day, faculty and staff from across the entire school had the opportunity to visit the 19th Avenue campus — donning hard hats for the dual purpose of being both safe and chic! — to get a feel for the new classroom spaces and to walk the grounds of our new Forever Home. We look forward to continued progress over the summer as the building shapes up to welcome your children for the start of the 2024-2025 school year on September 3!”

Latest Glimpses into Our Near Future

CAIS has been working with Studio Bondy Architects on reimagining the 19th Avenue campus’s academic building and grounds from their former use as an all-girls high school, to our purpose-built indoor and outdoor Teaching and Learning spaces for children of all genders ages 2 through 14. Here are some of the latest renderings that are guiding the transformation:

Our Community’s Hub for All Things 19th Avenue

In addition to highlighting progress for the renovations ahead of our September 2024 move-in and updates on exciting program plans (such as the student transportation strategy), watch this space for news of events and opportunities as the Capital Campaign moves from the leadership to community phase later this year.

It’s been a long journey to our Forever Home, but after 40+ years we no longer have any doubts that we have found it.

Community Insights for 19th Avenue

Social Media Coordinator Orina Lee is collecting the hopes, dreams, and plans for 19th Avenue from students and faculty alike. Enjoy the videos she has crafted to share her findings:

Frequently Asked Questions

Since even before we took ownership of the campus at 19th Avenue, CAIS has been collecting and sharing Frequently Asked Questions from the community. We encourage you to read through the areas of concern that have been addressed so far. If you don’t see an answer to your question, be sure to share it via the form linked to the right.

Roundup of 19th Avenue Progress Notices

This space will archive all the information we’ve shared so far on this monumental and transformative project, including messages from Head of School Jeff Bissell and monthly newsletters about the new campus.

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