Tuition and Adjusted Tuition

2024-2025 Tuition

Tuition for the 2024-2025 school year is $42,600 for K-8th grade and $39,600 for Preschool. 

Morning care before school starts is complimentary. After school care (Extended Day) runs from the end of the school day through 6:00 p.m. and is available for a pre-paid fee of $400/month. The months of August and June are free for all students who are signed up for extended care from September to May.

Please note, there is no additional fee for Extended Day for the families who pay Adjusted Tuition.

Adjusted Tuition

PHILOSOPHY: We believe in our mission and in the power of a CAIS education to be truly life changing and world changing. We strive to make a CAIS education accessible and affordable to families who understand and embrace the school’s mission and program, through adjusted tuition and fees that are based on demonstrated financial need and available funds. 

Adjusted tuition and fees cover base tuition, extended care, and international programs. A family may expect substantially similar adjusted tuition rates from year to year unless there is a change in the family’s financial situation.

Adjusted Tuition is defined as the amount which a family can reasonably afford. Eligibility is determined by an independent review organization (SSS) as well as our Adjusted Tuition Committee. Applying for Adjusted Tuition does not bear weight in the admissions process. Applicant families that are given an offer of enrollment will concurrently receive the Adjusted Tuition decision letter.

The Adjusted Tuition Committee, led by the Head of School, evaluates applications and determines the Adjusted Tuition every year. The Committee utilizes the third party services of School and Student Services (SSS). SSS collects data and documents to which it applies parameters that assist the Adjusted Tuition Committee to make informed decisions. SSS is a valuable tool but the decisions ultimately reside within the Committee. All information submitted to SSS is kept completely confidential.

Adjusted Tuition application is open to all families applying to or re-enrolling at CAIS (CAIS School Code is 2391). Adjusted Tuition decisions are based on what families can reasonably afford, with information and recommendations provided from each family’s SSS application and the same criteria applied to all. Adjusted Tuition decisions are made for the coming academic year only (2023–2024). Families must reapply for the Adjusted Tuition annually.

Adjusted Tuition applies to tuition, including deposit, activities fees, Afterschool Enrichment classes, and International Program fees.  

For the 2023-2024 school year, 20.6% of families (representing 20.3% of students) paid Adjusted Tuition ranging from $2,300 to $38,040.  

For more information, please look through the Adjusted Tuition program specifics in the links to the right, where you will find details on how and where to apply, along with the timelines and policies for Adjusted Tuition decisions. Please see the special email listed in the links at right for directing questions about Adjusted Tuition.