Admission / Tuition and Adjusted Tuition

Tuition Refund Insurance Policy


Why do you need tuition refund insurance?

  • CAIS cannot refund tuition and fees paid or cancel unpaid obligations in the event of student withdrawal during the academic year because the majority of the school’s operating expenses require year long commitments (staffing).
  • In the event that a student is forced to withdraw prior to completing the school year, CAIS’s Tuition Refund Insurance Policy supports families with their continuing financial obligations to the school.
  • The most common reasons for withdrawal are:
    • Medical or Health:  includes prolonged illness, debilitating physical injury or loss of life, mental / nervous disorder.
    • Financial:  may result from loss of a job, job transfer, loss of a parent.
    • Dismissal:  may result from repeated suspension or definitive dismissal.
    • Personal Reasons:  circumstances that prevent a student from continuing.
  • If an insured family has complied with all obligations stipulated in the enrollment agreement, the family may claim insurance benefits as set forth below.  Please note that past due balances are not covered by Tuition Refund Insurance.

Cost and terms of tuition refund insurance coverage

  • The cost of Tuition Refund Insurance is $425 for the 2024–2025 year.  Tuition Refund Insurance is due, whether invoiced or not, by July 15, 2024.
  • Tuition Refund Insurance is mandatory for Plan B and C families.  It is optional for Plan A families.
  • Students who are admitted and enrolled after classes commence may purchase Tuition Refund Insurance if payment is made at the time tuition is due.
  • There is no notice period needed for medical withdrawal. There is a 30 day notice period for all other withdrawals.


  1. Departure or withdrawal is permanent and occurs when a student ceases definitively to participate in any school activities.
  2. Medical or health conditions must be certified by a qualified doctor.
  3. Dismissals are enacted by school administration.
  4. The academic year comprises total number of the school year’s academic days commencing with the first day of instruction in August and terminating with the last day of class in June. Days for pre-season athletic practice, orientation, registration, and graduation are excluded.

CAIS tuition refund insurance benefit

  • MEDICAL ABSENCE or MEDICAL WITHDRAWAL:  75% discount of tuition and fees that correspond to academic days to be foregone.
  • WITHDRAWALS FOR ALL OTHER REASONS:  50% discount of tuition and fees that correspond to academic days to be foregone.
  • Sample Calculation of Insurance Benefits
    • Determine the number of academic days in the academic year
    • Determine the number of days the student will forego due to withdrawal
    • Calculate the percentage of total academic days to be foregone
    • Apply percentage discount to dollar value of days to be foregone
    • Note that past due balances do not qualify for Tuition Refund Insurance benefit.


All claims are initiated by contacting the Business Office in writing. Medical claims require written certification by a medical professional. Claims must be filed within 30 days from the date of separation. Benefits are applied to the student’s account.

TUITION REFUND INSURANCE does not cover medical absence or withdrawal that result from the following:

  • Illness or injury first realized before effective date of coverage.
  • Absence or withdrawal due to any medical condition for which the student has not provided certification from a legally qualified medical practitioner covering the period of absence or withdrawal.
  • Absence or withdrawal due to pregnancy or childbirth.

TUITION REFUND INSURANCE does not cover withdrawal or dismissal that result from the following:

  • Withdrawal or dismissal caused by insurrection, rebellion, riot, civil commotion, or any governmental order directed to the student.
  • War or act of war, declared or undeclared; any nuclear reaction, controlled or accidental.
  • Inability of the school to operate and provide formal academic instruction, including closure for any reason.
  • Destruction of any school facility whatever the cause.
  • Boycotting of classes by the student.
  • Withdrawal or absence from class for the balance of the academic year due to early completion of academic requirements or early graduation.
  • Temporary non-medical absences or suspensions.