Admission / Tuition and Adjusted Tuition

Adjusted Tuition Policy


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a) Adjusted Tuition is available for all students and in all grades from Preschool to 8th grade, with decisions based on both demonstrated financial need and the school’s capacity to fund the program. An applicant family’s financial need is determined by the school’s Adjusted Tuition Committee comprising the Head of School, the Director of Admission and the Director of Finance and Operations. The committee is kept small to confine access to potentially sensitive personal information; applications are strictly confidential. Applications must be complete and received by the deadlines to be considered.

b) Adjusted Tuition is determined for one school year only. Adjusted Tuition for subsequent years must be solicited via a new application. In order to receive Adjusted Tuition, CAIS families that already have children enrolled must be current with their school accounts.

c) Applicant families that qualify may not receive the full amount of their requested need. After Adjusted Tuition decisions have been made and accepted, any surplus may be redistributed or retained.

d) For two-parent households, generally, both parents must be employed in order to qualify. In the case of a family that has one non-working parent (either voluntary or involuntary), the school will make adjustments to the household income. For legally separated parents, parents who share custody, or other individuals who are designated as custodians, generally, all responsible individuals are required to submit their own separate applications. Furthermore, legal documentation of custodial and child support terms must be provided. Any missing documentation from any one party will jeopardize an Adjusted Tuition decision.

e) Adjusted Tuition will first be determined for returning families; however there is a provision by which a portion of the Adjusted Tuition budget will be reserved for families new to CAIS.

f) After Adjusted Tuition decisions are rendered, any changes in the parents’ financial status (salary, inheritance, employment situation etc.), must be reported to the Adjusted Tuition Committee in writing at the time of the change. The Adjusted Tuition Committee may review and revise Adjusted Tuition following notification of a change.

g) Adjusted Tuition applies to tuition, including deposit, activities fees, After School Enrichment classes, and International Program fees.

Integrity of Application

CAIS reserves the right to withdraw any Adjusted Tuition application and/or award if it is determined that incomplete, false, or misleading information was presented in the application process. As a means to make such determination, the Adjusted Tuition Committee may pose questions which must be answered with honesty and integrity until the query has been satisfied. This may include comparisons of current year’s claimed assets, real estate, or net worth to that claimed in previous years. If any questions are not fully answered, the application may be removed from the award pool or a previously granted award may be retracted.

Updated January 2018