CAIS as a Workplace

CAIS teachers and staff collaborate across languages, grades, and subjects

As affirmed at the highest level in our Strategic Vision, CAIS is dedicated to attracting, developing, rewarding and retaining a world-class faculty. The Board of Trustees and school administration put a high priority on advances in compensation, benefits, and work climate. 

In addition to a very competitive benefits package and robust professional development opportunities,  CAIS’s extremely supportive parent community has also funded numerous initiatives to enhance the quality of life for teachers. Examples include commuting cost assistance and the China Faculty Institute providing CAIS lead teachers trips to China.

“The funds provided by the Susan T. Cheng Teachers’ Quality of Life Fund have made a significant improvement in my daily commute.  First of all, since I commute from Oakland, the cost of the commute can be as high as $250 per month, and prior to the commuter benefits, that represented a serious chunk of money out of my budget. Prior to the allocations of funds, I started earlier each day and either caught a ride to BART, walked, or rode my bike in order to save money. Now that this is not an issue, I leave the house without a thought about how I might conserve funds, and just catch the bus. You may be thinking, “wait, wasn’t he getting more exercise by walking or biking before we provided the funds?” That occurred to me, too, but as it turns out, I find that I go on a longer walk with my dog in the morning and the evening, and thus get just as much exercise as before. So, the commuter benefit has lessened my expense, increased the convenience and reliability of my commute…and made Buster (my dog) happier and healthier!”
—Jack Crow, Middle School Teacher

Current Job Openings

Descriptions for open positions are available for download below.

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