What sets CAIS apart from other schools is its Chinese English dual language immersion program. Our students spend alternating full days in English and in Chinese and they learn through both languages. In language arts, math, science and music in both languages, our students are stimulated, challenged and educated to be the best that they can be, intellectually, morally, physically and emotionally. We believe it is important to tend to both the head and the heart; to nurture and support a child emotionally while at the same time challenging them intellectually. Our students learn critical thinking and problem solving skills while laughing, playing, having fun, and feeling supported while learning.

We believe that our students’ ability to read, write, speak and understand two languages, as well as their insight into the interconnectedness of cultures, will offer them enhanced cognitive, career and life opportunities.

In our shrinking world the need to speak languages other than English is undeniable. In addition to the practical benefits of speaking other languages for employment and travel, knowledge of another language opens the door to other cultures and different ways of viewing the world we share. We are committed to promoting oral and written fluency in both languages while exposing students to the history and cultures and traditions of China. Our International Program speaks to our belief in creating authentic learning experiences for our students. In 5th, 7th and 8th grade, our students will travel to Taipei, Guilin, and rural China respectively for a total of seven weeks of Chinese immersion experience.

In class, our teachers use a dynamic approach which incorporates a broad array of tools and materials including CAIS developed workbooks, classic and contemporary literature, films, documentaries, apps, flipped classroom technology and methods including pair and small group work, games, student-led classes, student presentations, skits, debates and research projects which deliberately target all learning styles. Our high teacher student ratio of two teachers in each classroom from Pre-K through 5th grade enables increased support and attention for students.

CAIS is in the unique position of being a leader in developing Pre-K through eighth grade language immersion education. Our curriculum and methodology accommodates the fact that the majority of our student population does not speak and has no access to Chinese at home.

Our Mission is to Embrace Chinese, Become Your Best Self and Contribute to a Better World. This is “Why CAIS.”