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Cross Grade Connection with Qin Shi Huang Puppet Show

Qin Shi Huang was the first emperor of China, and he had so many magnificent achievements as well as harsh criticism from his people. Was Qin Shi Huang a great…

Feb 16, 2024

American Progress…Reimagined

Eighth grade ESS students began their unit on westward expansion by identifying and analyzing the many symbols in John Gast’s 1872 painting “American Progress.” As a culmination of the unit,…

Feb 15, 2024

Time Warp Opens!

The most eagerly awaited event in CAIS Theater history is just two weeks away, and you can feel the excitement as the cast and crew throw their energies and creativity…

Feb 14, 2024

Learning through Celebration

February is an exciting time in the Mandarin World Language Pathway class as we celebrate the most important holiday in Chinese culture! It is filled with good wishes, laughter, and…

Feb 13, 2024

共庆龙年 Celebrating the Year of the Dragon!

I arrived at CAIS in 2010, which means this is my second time around the 12-year Chinese zodiac cycle and my second Dragon Year at the school. To be honest,…

Feb 07, 2024

Investing in the Future of CAIS for Children and Community

In the heart of San Francisco, Lily Lin and her husband Andrew Lieberman, devoted CAIS parents, envision more than just a school for their daughters, August (3rd) and Marlowe (K)….

Jan 31, 2024

Young Family

“As a parent, of course I want the very best available for my child—and I believe that is what CAIS provides—robust curriculum, long-tenured teachers (huge plus!), wide array of specialist instructors, expansive after-school club offerings, and active parent community. I believe that a bilingual education will greatly enhance my son’s intellect and communication skills.  Not just because he learns two languages, but more so because he learns to create, collaborate and problem solve across a broader spectrum of circumstances and people. Also, I am excited about the new campus.”

Jan 25, 2024

Eight Things to Know About Mass Greeting 2024 at CAIS (龙年团拜及迎春大会)

1. Lunar New Year is also called Spring Festival (春节 Chūn jié) in Chinese tradition. It means the first day of the lunar calendar that cycles through 12 signs of…

Jan 23, 2024

Lion Dance Super Fan

I am a huge fan of Mass Greeting, and especially of the sixth grade Lion Dance. Current Middle School students and alumni have shared with me how they watched the…

Jan 18, 2024

College Athletes Inspiring Middle Schoolers

The University of San Francisco women’s basketball program has been collaborating with our Middle School girls basketball program through “Empowering Futures: USF Women’s Basketball Players Inspire Middle School Girls.” In a heartwarming…

Jan 17, 2024