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Kindness Core Value Firedragon

Reopening K-8 in Person

October 02, 2020 Message from Head of School Jeff Bissell Reopening K-8 in Person Teams from the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) visited CAIS campuses on Oak and Turk Streets as the final step in our application process for reopening school. Pandemic Response Coordinator Adam Ross... » read more
Chinese Program Director Kevin Chang

2020-2021 to be Chinese Program Director Kevin Chang's "Victory Lap"

September 02, 2020 Dear CAIS Community,A global pandemic. Deteriorating air quality from the now annual wildfires. In recent days I have asked my colleagues, somewhat rhetorically, “What next? Locusts? Killer wasps? A pack of emboldened coyotes roaming Hayes Valley?” Head of Middle School Joe Williamson informed... » read more
Curiosity Core Value

Class of 2020 Success in High School Admission

April 10, 2020 Making for an especially bright spot in the midst of these challenging times, I am delighted to share that the CAIS Class of 2020 had a banner year in high school admissions. The class not only applied to the widest range of schools of any class in the past six years, but also enjoyed record... » read more
Kindergarten Team's Welcome Back Message to Students

Distance Learning Begins Today

March 18, 2020 Educational leaders have been working closely with teachers nearly around the clock to develop and prepare for our distance learning, and we have structured the effort in three phases. Our first phase comprises this week: Wednesday through Friday, we will focus solely on getting... » read more
毅力 Perseverance

CAIS Closing School Beginning March 16

March 13, 2020 Dear CAIS Families, We know from public health officials that the priority with COVID-19 is not simply keeping ourselves safe, given the increasing level of community transmission in the Bay Area, it’s also about our important role in mitigating the spread of the virus to safeguard our... » read more
Reimagining CAIS - English Side

Reimagining CAIS, Reimagining Success

February 11, 2020 Frequently exchanged at New Year, the blessing 望子成龙 wàng zĭ chéng lóng “May Your Child Become a Dragon” wishes a life of success for your child. With the hard-won wisdom that comes from four decades of pioneering Mandarin immersion, CAIS is distinctly positioned to define just what success... » read more
Connecting at CAIS ECD

Evolution of the Mission

September 19, 2019 Many of you may be familiar with the work of the humanistic psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970). Maslow articulated a theory of human motivation that he captured in his well-known “hierarchy of needs.” According to my understanding of Maslow, human beings are motivated to fulfill certain human... » read more
Board of Trustees 2019-2020

Welcome from New Board Chair Mary Powell

September 05, 2019 Dear CAIS Community: On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I would like to wish everyone a hearty “Welcome back!” (or “Glad you’re here!” if you’ve just joined the CAIS community). I feel a special solidarity with both returning and new families alike. Even... » read more
Eighth graders present for industry panelist critiques

Creating Their Place in the World

May 22, 2019 As they get ready to go out into the wider world, eighth graders are finishing their CAIS careers strong with an interdisciplinary project about social movements and how to affect change in the world. Guided by Social Studies teacher Alice Woodman-Russell, English teacher Jack Crow, and... » read more
League Champion Girls 6th Grade Firedragons

6th Grade Firedragons Win Futsal Playoffs

May 10, 2019 UPDATE: Girls 6th Grade Futsal wins SFAL Championship 8-1 over Friends! Boys 6th Grade Futsal played their hearts out but fell 9-4 to CDS BLACK in a very competitive final! Boys JV defeated Kittredge 10-5 in the Semi Finals on Wednesday and will be playing in the finals this... » read more
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