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Getting a Head Start on Graduation Celebration

One of my favorite spring activities at CAIS is Cap and Gown Day, the kickoff event of the CAIS graduation season. Begun in May 2015 when then Middle School Assistant…

May 17, 2024

Futsal 2024 Team Recaps

Girls JV 6 Futsal With a five-player squad, our Girls JV 6 team never backed down and showed other teams that we were capable of competing under any pressure. Entering…

May 16, 2024

CAIS Chinese Program Leading the Way

Chinese Program Director Cindy Chiang shares highlights of CAIS faculty leading peers from around the country at the National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) and the annual Early Childhood Chinese Immersion Forum…

May 14, 2024

Celebrating Mandarin Immersion in AANHPI Heritage Month

Throughout May, the United States honors Jewish American Heritage Month, Mental Health Awareness Month, and AANHPI Heritage Month,which is the most current, official name celebrating the broad diversity of people and…

May 07, 2024

Investing in CAIS’s Students: A Family’s Commitment to Facilities That Support Creativity and Passions

This spring, Angie and Austin Chang, parents of Miles, a 1st grader, made one of their most significant philanthropic commitments to CAIS’ Campaign to Build Our Forever Home. We are honored…

May 02, 2024

Class Placements a Beautiful Harbinger of Spring

I love this time of the school year. All of the signs that spring has arrived in the Middle School are present. The sun is coming up as I’m getting…

Apr 18, 2024

Reflecting on How Far We’ve Come

As Head of Early Childhood Wei Qian prepares to begin her maternity leave this week, I am entering professional transition mode, making preparations for my temporary shift to oversee our…

Apr 04, 2024

Chan Family

“Choosing CAIS, a school with a persistent dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence, but also the holistic development of every child, has been transformative for our family. Not only has Asher thrived academically (and we have no Mandarin speaking experience), he’s also developed invaluable skills in emotional regulation, empathy, and resilience. CAIS’ school commitment to fostering their core values is setting up our children for success not only in the classroom but also in life beyond.”

Mar 26, 2024

Soares Family

“Our family always knew we wanted to immerse Claire in a third language at an early age when her brain is really receptive to different languages. And language is deeply tied to culture. Our first contact with CAIS was very positive, the faculty and staff went beyond our expectations. We could understand how they develop proficiency in Mandarin, but also address other aspects of the student’s growth and development. CAIS encompasses academic excellence, cultural understanding, extracurricular activities, and social and emotional development. And the best part as a parent is to witness how happy your child is while watching her progress, how she’s evolving.”

Mar 20, 2024

CAIS Students Outpace Monolingual School Peers in English

A perennial point of curiosity among prospective parents—which can sometimes even linger for current parents—is whether Mandarin immersion comes at the expense of achievement in English. The great news from…

Mar 13, 2024