Middle School

A Peek Inside 6th Grade Math & Science Class

6th Grade Science: The Happiness Project

As a social experiment and review of the scientific method, students tracked their mood before and after a chosen activity. Activities ranged from exercising, deep breathing, and gratitude journaling, to giving genuine compliments or unplugging from social media! In addition to data collection, graphing, and writing strong justifications, students got to experience how small actions can make big changes in their overall mood!

6th Grade Math: Thinking Classrooms

The name of the game is productive struggle and mathematical discourse! In math class, students are put into random groups of three and asked to work together on rich math tasks. These tasks push students to collaborate, get comfortable with challenges, and most importantly – think! As a review of the Order of Operations, here students were asked to choose four random numbers between 1 – 9 and create the values 1 to 30 by using each number only once! Think you’re up for the challenge? The sixth graders were!