Middle School

Mock Interviews Prep 8th Graders

Over the last decade, our eighth graders have enjoyed extremely positive results when applying to independent high schools. This is largely the result of the outstanding instruction our students receive from their Preschool through eighth grade teachers. High school admission departments know how well our kids are prepared and they want our eighth graders to attend their schools.

There are other factors that contribute to our success with high school admissions, and one of those is an annual event that is taking place right now, Eighth Grade Mock Interviews. To prepare our students for the admission process, which includes interviews with high school admission officers, High School Transition Counselor Sean Mosconi coaches our eighth graders on good interview skills, then sets them up with practice interviews with parents from the lower school serving as interviewers. This process allows students to hone their skills before they face the real thing on their high school visits. The parent interviewers not only interview the students, but provide written feedback to the students and their families. Lower School parents are ideal in this role as the eighth graders do not know them making for a more realistic interview experience.

The results are impressive. High school admission directors often share how well our students interview and are impressed by their poise and confidence. I want to give a shout out to the Lower School parents who generously volunteered their time this year to assist in this valuable process.