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CAIS Teachers Presenting at NCLC 2022

A CAIS Presentation at NCLC 2022
A CAIS Presentation at NCLC 2022

CAIS has a long history of being well represented at the National Chinese Language Conference (NCLC) and this year’s contingent was particularly robust! Jeff Bissell joined a number of fellow educational leaders in a plenary session on “Cultivating Local Chinese Teachers.” Also, among the CAIS contributions this year were two presentations that emphasized and spotlighted the power integrating efforts in Chinese and English. For example, 4th/5th Grade Green Chinese Teacher Lucy Sui and 4th/5th Grade Green English Teacher Kelly Wallace co-presented on their collaboration on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion units through the lens of the two cultural perspectives. The presentation was a distinctively CAIS approach to creating units on higher level thinking/ideas in both languages. In addition, English Curriculum Director Cristina Calcagno and I worked with an administrator from another school on a presentation about different perspectives on math curriculum. 

  • Advancing DEI Through Social Studies, Across English and Chinese Curricula by Lucy Sui and Kelly Wallace
  • Math Curriculum in Chinese Immersion Schools: Recent Progress and Prospects by Luyi Lien, Cristina Calcagno, and Cindy Chiang
  • Making Writing Engaging, Assessment and Standards-Based within an Immersion Curriculum by Chichi Su, Willa Song, and Cindy Chiang
  • In Favor of Fun: Increasing Intrinsic Motivation through Experiential Learning by Julie Farrell, Sisi Zhang, Boyan Zheng
  • Playing, Talking, Co-constructing: Exemplary Teaching in Chinese Preschool Classrooms by CAIS (Chu Hsi Tseng), INTL, and Yuying
  • A Case Study of a Full Chinese Immersion Preschool Program by Chu Hsi Tseng, Elaine Chang, and Cindy Chiang
  • Integrated STEAM curriculum in Chinese Classrooms by CAIS (Chu Hsi Tseng), INTL, and PKS