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Announcing New Head of Early Childhood Wei Qian

There is a famous line in the Confucian text Meng Zi,《孟子》that says “one cannot have both fish and bear paw” (鱼与熊掌不可兼得). In the fourth century BCE, fish and bear paw were both considered to be culinary delicacies, so perhaps the above quotation might have as its English equivalent, “you can’t eat your cake and have it too.”

Apr 19, 2021

Traveling the World Right Here at Home

Due to the pandemic for the second consecutive school year, we cancelled long-awaited trips to Taiwan, Guilin, and Yunnan, not to mention a whole host of smaller annual events that help bind and build our community. Silver linings don’t come easy these days.

Apr 07, 2021

A Campus for ALL of CAIS and ALL Our Own

We haven’t had news this big to share since Carol Ruth Silver first founded CAIS in 1981. Since those hope-filled days, CAIS has remained the pioneering home for Chinese immersion education, but without a home that was all our own.

Apr 05, 2021

Announcing New Chinese Program Director Cindy Chiang

Sad as we are to say farewell to departing rock star Kevin Chang after this school year, we are relieved and thrilled that lightning has struck CAIS twice. After an exhaustive international search, it is our pleasure to announce that Cindy Chiang, also a leader in the field of Chinese immersion, will be succeeding Kevin as CAIS Chinese Program Director.

Mar 26, 2021

CAIS’s Role in Addressing Anti-Asian Aggression and Violence

Community has always been CAIS’s X factor, and we turn to community for strength when we face challenges. At CAIS, close to 80% of our families have at least one parent who identifies as Asian or Asian American, approximately half of all CAIS employees identify as Chinese-American, and we have all chosen this school—whatever our identity—because of a commitment to our mission to “Embrace Chinese.”

Mar 09, 2021

CAIS’s Role in Addressing Anti-Asian Aggression and Violence

Mar 08, 2021

Celebrating Lunar New Year and the Year of the Ox

The Lunar New Year is approaching—New Year’s day is Friday, February 12, in fact. At CAIS we welcome the Lunar New Year with our school’s biggest and most festive community celebration: Mass Greeting or tuán baì 团拜. This year’s Mass Greeting will, of course, be virtual.

Feb 11, 2021

Reopening K-8 in Person

Teams from the San Francisco Department of Public Health (SFDPH) visited CAIS campuses on Oak and Turk Streets as the final step in our application process for reopening school. Pandemic Response Coordinator Adam Ross and I received a letter from Dr. Tomás Aragón, Public Health Officer from the City and County of San Francisco indicating that CAIS has received permission to reopen school for on campus, in-person learning.

Oct 02, 2020

2020-2021 to be Chinese Program Director Kevin Chang’s “Victory Lap”

A global pandemic. Deteriorating air quality from the now annual wildfires. In recent days I have asked my colleagues, somewhat rhetorically, “What next? Locusts? Killer wasps? A pack of emboldened coyotes roaming Hayes Valley?” Head of Middle School Joe Williamson informed me that a puma had been spotted in his neighborhood recently…

Sep 02, 2020

Class of 2020 Success in High School Admission

Making for an especially bright spot in the midst of these challenging times, I am delighted to share that the CAIS Class of 2020 had a banner year in high school admissions. The class not only applied to the widest range of schools of any class in the past six years, but also enjoyed record acceptance rates at many schools. We had a CAIS record (and possible City of San Francisco record) number of students accepted at Lick-Wilmerding (9), a tie (with last year’s class) for the highest number accepted at University High School (12), and the highest number accepted at Urban (6) in recent memory. Congratulations and well done to the Class of 2020! I want to give a huge shout out to Ms. MacLeod and Mr. Mosconi for their role in assisting the class achieve these great numbers.

Apr 10, 2020