Admission Testimonials

Qiu Family

Our Family:

This is Peter and Angela, parents of William in rising K at CAIS. William was traveling to China with his grandmother in December 2019 (by then he was less than 2 years old), then Covid-19 started shortly after, so he was stuck in China for 3 years during the pandemic, he only spoke Chinese by then.  When he finally returned back, we were eagerly looking for all the good preschools and trying to find the best fit for our kid. We have done so much research and visited many preschools. Finally, we decided to join CAIS, and we are more certain than ever that we made the best decision.”


“There are so many reasons why we LOVE CAIS. William adjusted so well in a new environment, the transition was so smooth. He is happy and loves going to school. We see that our kid is cared, respected, encouraged and challenged in school, he is much more confident and independent and creative.”

Your experience now as a parent:

CAIS families are a great part of the friendly community, they provide so much support and love, families become friends, we share and provide support when needed. There are many opportunities to participate in the school’s projects and activities. As  parents we are always excited when we can volunteer, to present our values as parents, also to see in person how the kids learn at or out of school. Honestly it feels like we are growing with our kid at CAIS. It’s a wonderful journey to success with CAIS.”

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