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Chan Family

“Choosing CAIS, a school with a persistent dedication to nurturing not just academic excellence, but also the holistic development of every child, has been transformative for our family. Not only has Asher thrived academically (and we have no Mandarin speaking experience), he’s also developed invaluable skills in emotional regulation, empathy, and resilience. CAIS’ school commitment to fostering their core values is setting up our children for success not only in the classroom but also in life beyond.”

Mar 26, 2024

Soares Family

“Our family always knew we wanted to immerse Claire in a third language at an early age when her brain is really receptive to different languages. And language is deeply tied to culture. Our first contact with CAIS was very positive, the faculty and staff went beyond our expectations. We could understand how they develop proficiency in Mandarin, but also address other aspects of the student’s growth and development. CAIS encompasses academic excellence, cultural understanding, extracurricular activities, and social and emotional development. And the best part as a parent is to witness how happy your child is while watching her progress, how she’s evolving.”

Mar 20, 2024

Mok Family

“We grew up attending international schools in Asia (with some fellow CAIS parents) so it’s amazing to be able to have our kids at CAIS growing up together as well! We love the teachers at CAIS for how much they genuinely care about the kids. When we ask Chloe who her best friends are at school she unfailingly says “Laoshi! Teacher is my favorite!”

Mar 07, 2024

Burgio Family

“We started looking at CAIS in fall of 2019. At the time we had our older two in another preschool and we were pregnant with our 3rd daughter. We wanted to get ahead of the process and find a school that would extend beyond pre-school, into kindergarten and middle school.Throughout the admission process of attending the various events, we developed a relationship with the previous Admissions Director, Linda, who was always so welcoming and generous with her time. As we attended various events to learn more about the school, we met more people along the way. Molly was head of the PTA at Little Bee our last year there and got to witness first-hand how community support was key and realized that was a big part of the CAIS experience. We knew several families that had chosen CAIS and had conversations with them about the structure, support, curriculum, teachers, etc. Additionally, every time we attended an event at CAIS everything seemed so organized. Everyone was genuinely happy to get to know you and bring you into the community.”

Feb 29, 2024

Young Family

“As a parent, of course I want the very best available for my child—and I believe that is what CAIS provides—robust curriculum, long-tenured teachers (huge plus!), wide array of specialist instructors, expansive after-school club offerings, and active parent community. I believe that a bilingual education will greatly enhance my son’s intellect and communication skills.  Not just because he learns two languages, but more so because he learns to create, collaborate and problem solve across a broader spectrum of circumstances and people. Also, I am excited about the new campus.”

Jan 25, 2024

Nguyen Family

“From our experience during the last two years, we feel that the faculty and staff at CAIS are phenomenal. We appreciate the effective communication between teachers and parents, and also the supportive learning environment that they have provided our son.”

Nov 14, 2023

Heitner Family

“Both of our boys are wonderfully bright and passionate, deeply inquisitive learners who are also neurodiverse (ADHD). We believe CAIS’ pioneering approach to immersion is uniquely positioned to develop their “head and heart” — enkindling intellectual curiosity and building mental resilience, traits that will permit them to face uncertainty and ambiguity while, in equal part, fostering deep empathy and an open mind in preparation for engaging a diverse world.  The thoughtfulness and intentionality that pervades CAIS’ living curriculum and student centered yet research-based approach resonates with us. We could not have found a better environment where our children enjoy friendship and celebrate learning.”

Nov 07, 2023

Qiu Family

“There are so many reasons why we LOVE CAIS. William adjusted so well in a new environment, the transition was so smooth. He is happy and loves going to school. We see that our kid is cared, respected, encouraged and challenged in school, he is much more confident and independent and creative.”

Oct 17, 2023

Sima Fang Family

“When researching the best school for my kids, I found the feedback from parents to be the most useful in helping me land on the right decision for my kids. A very close friend of mine had 2 sons who were close to graduating from CAIS spoke to me about her experiences as a CAIS mother and I was convinced soon after I spoke with her that CAIS had to be the right choice for my kids. Her sons embodied all the characteristics I hope my kids could model after, they were model citizens, inquisitive, respectful, mature, bright and confident. I thought if this is a representation of CAIS school kids, then sign me up! In fact, CAIS was the only school on our list from that point on. I was determined to get my kids into CAIS.”

Oct 04, 2023

Schaulis Werdegar Family

“We did not plan on Mandarin. We had raised our kids with the plan for Spanish bilingual education. When we visited CAIS we were so impressed with the school that we decided to take the plunge into raising kids who spoke 3 languages. We felt that we could trust CAIS to provide the highest level of education and that we wouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and stability just because we wanted language.” 

May 23, 2023