Admission Testimonials

Sima Fang Family

Our Family:

“Our daughter Ava is in Kindergarten and our son Neo is in Preschool 3. We’ve been part of the CAIS family for 2 years. Our family speaks Mandarin at home only 25% of the time.”


When researching the best school for my kids, I found the feedback from parents to be the most useful in helping me land on the right decision for my kids. A very close friend of mine had 2 sons who were close to graduating from CAIS spoke to me about her experiences as a CAIS mother and I was convinced soon after I spoke with her that CAIS had to be the right choice for my kids. Her sons embodied all the characteristics I hope my kids could model after, they were model citizens, inquisitive, respectful, mature, bright and confident. I thought if this is a representation of CAIS school kids, then sign me up! In fact, CAIS was the only school on our list from that point on. I was determined to get my kids into CAIS.”

Our experience now as a parent:

My experience as a CAIS parent has been one that I feel blessed by. When you have very young kids joining a school for the first time, the experience can be incredibly scary for the kids and the parents. We want our kids to feel safe, nurtured, loved and happy at school. The greatest feeling is when pick up happens and my kids don’t want to go home. All the teachers, the support staff feel like family to us, even in such a short period of time. The CAIS parents are incredibly hands on and welcoming. We are always volunteering and doing things both inside and outside of school. This helps build a really strong bond amongst the CAIS community. I don’t take this for granted as I know this is not a universal experience for all parents at other schools. If you talk to any CAIS parent, one of the #1 things they will mention is the CAIS community. When you know your kids are surrounded by the best people, from the teachers, the support staff, to the families, you know they will grow up in the best environment to learn and find themselves.”

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