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Why Julie Zhou and Jeremy Weinstein Supported the CAIS Campaign to Build Our Forever Home

Zhou Weinstein Family

When Julie Zhou and Jeremy Weinstein made the decision to give to the campaign, it was deeply personal and forward-thinking. Parents of Chloe in P2, and Jamie in P4, Julie and Jeremy are dedicated to ensuring their children—and future generations—have access to exceptional Mandarin immersion educational opportunities.

A Thoughtful Choice for Their Children’s Future

For Jeremy, the decision to support CAIS stemmed from a desire to provide the best possible environment for their children. “When you have young children, you spend a lot of your time figuring out what is best for them, and a big part of that is their school because they spend so much time there,” he explained. “We wanted to contribute to something that would help provide our children with what is best for them now and in the future.” Julie’s experience influenced her desire for stability and community for her children. “I never had much of a long-term connection to one place or one school because I went to five different schools between kindergarten and 12th grade,” she shared. “What drew me to CAIS was that for the next ten years of our kids’ lives, they have a stable friend group and community, which I never had. It is special, and I wanted to contribute to it.”

Connecting to Heritage Through Education

Julie’s cultural background also inspired their donation. “I’m from mainland China, but I left when I was 5, so I don’t have much of a connection, and my Chinese is not very good,” she said. “I want my children to feel like Chinese is something they can be a part of. We want to set them up so they can choose to be a part of that world.”

Investing in a Central, Unified Campus

The vision of a new, centralized campus was a compelling factor for Julie and Jeremy. “I saw the new campus as the foundation for the school’s future,” Julie noted. “CAIS has finally found its home, where we can all be together on one campus. We contributed to the campaign because we want to be a part of that foundation.” Jeremy appreciated the thoughtful design of the new campus. “A lot of thought is being put into how the campus is built. Each space is personalized for the age and needs of the students.”

Creating a Place for Memories and Community

Looking to the future, Jeremy envisions the new campus as a cornerstone for lasting memories and a sense of belonging. “A place for kids to remember their experiences and return to. It will feel more like a home.” Julie highlighted how “This is an opportunity to give to something tangible that will be there for decades to come. You can see it, touch it, and even walk on it.”

A Call to Action for the Community

In encouraging others to support the capital campaign, Jeremy highlighted the long-term impact of their contributions. “We see it as an investment.”

Julie emphasized the unique opportunity to support Mandarin immersion education. “Mandarin immersion is not as well established nationwide as some other educational programs, so choosing to give at this stage in CAIS’ journey feels like being there at the beginning of something grand.”

Julie Zhou and Jeremy Weinstein’s generous support of the CAIS capital campaign reflects their deep commitment to their children’s education, cultural heritage, and the future of the CAIS community. Their story serves as an inspiring reminder of the profound impact that dedicated parents can have on shaping the future of education.

If you’re interested in learning more about giving to the campaign, please contact Berkley Summerlin at b_summerlin@cais.org