Family School Alliance (FSA)

The Family School Alliance includes all CAIS parents and guardians of students and is focused on supporting the school’s mission, values and programs through volunteer service, community building and events.

All parents and guardians of students as well as all faculty and staff are automatically members of the CAIS FSA and are invited to attend general meetings. CAIS faculty members—represented by the early childhood, lower and middle school directors—have an important voice and are encouraged to attend.


FSA organizes a variety of events and activities which draw our community together socially, including:

  • Mid-Autumn Moon Festival/Back to School Potluck
  • Fall and Spring Family Camping Weekends
  • Holiday Faire
  • CAIS’s participation in the San Francisco Chinese New Year parade
  • End of Year Potluck


FSA meets monthly during the school year, at the Oak campus, from 8:15 a.m.—9:15 a.m. The dates are included on the FSA view of the CAIS School Calendar. Please join us!


FSA Co-Chairs 
Connie Chieng and Cindy Wang

Vice Chair
Christine Wan

August Jaenicke 

Jane Wong

FSA LIASONS 2019-2020

Parents are welcome to email at any time. In addition, FSA has a network of parent grade liaisons who volunteer to facilitate communication between their grade and the FSA leadership. 

Many thanks to the 2019-2020 grade liaisons:  

  • 8th Grade - Tim Shen
  • 7th Grade - Rong Pan 
  • 6th Grade -  Jean Yuan
  • 5th Grade -  Ben Wen
  • 4th Grade -  Helene Kocher
  • 3rd Grade - Jane Choi  
  • 2nd Grade - Grace Wong   
  • 1st Grade - Melanyann Garvin
  • Kindergarten -  Cathy Lin
  • Preschool - Daniel Risman-Jones


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