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Farewell to Hayes Valley

Packing Up Oak Campus
Packing Up Oak Campus

A quiet has settled over the campuses as faculty continue the task of packing up years of accumulated “stuff” from Waller, Oak, and Turk in preparation for our move to 19th, which will occur at the end of the month. After 26 years in Hayes Valley, it is somewhat eerie to see the corridors empty, the walls bare, and all the stuff in boxes, knowing that we will not be returning. Just yesterday our campuses were buzzing with activity. One first grader told me, “I already miss this place!”

We are all looking forward to opening school in our Forever Home at 19th Avenue. But I want to take this opportunity to look back over the school year, which felt to me like one of the most positive in my 14-year tenure at CAIS. I have said to many of my colleagues that I feel as though we have never been in a better place in terms of the cohesiveness of our community. All of our stakeholders — students, teachers, and families — seem happier, more confident, and more optimistic about CAIS than ever before. While I am not certain why this is, my best guess is that there is a lingering, post-pandemic gratitude that has hung on. We realize how lucky we all are to be healthy and to have such supportive colleagues, friends, and families.

Clearly, the move to the new campus has most people thinking about exciting opportunities, and there is a feeling of pride associated with our new home. But I also think it’s the case that CAIS is, from top to bottom, just a good place to be for faculty, for kids, and for families. When people get together at CAIS, the energy is just positive, whether it’s learning celebrations, volunteer appreciation, graduation, the FSA picnic, or any of the many community gatherings we enjoy.

So as you head into the summer, I want to thank you for the best year ever. Look for updates on the new campus in your email, and I’ll see you at 19th Avenue on September 3, 2024!