Futsal 2024 Team Recaps

Girls JV 6 Futsal

With a five-player squad, our Girls JV 6 team never backed down and showed other teams that we were capable of competing under any pressure. Entering into the playoffs with 4W-2L records, our girls had high desire to compete in the semi-finals but fell short at the end to call it a season. We are extremely proud of how much our team had learned and grown throughout the season under the guidance of Ms./Coach EW, where we know the future of this group of futsal gals is so bright and will make Firedragons shine again next time they are on the futsal courts!

Boys JV 6 Futsal

Boys JV 6 Futsal Team

Our young Boys JV 6 team had a great run this season, when everyone got to learn, explore, and develop various futsal and soccer skills via their coach and peers throughout the season. Despite not seeing more positive outcomes in matches yet this season, we have strong confidence in seeing the growth from this group of boys as they continue to demonstrate strong desires to support each other both on and off the playing field. We look forward to seeing them bringing more challenges to all other teams in the next futsal season, to show us all the Firedragons Roar again!

Girls Varsity 8 Futsal

Last but not least, we salute our graduating eighth grade Varsity Girls team led by our tri-sports Coach Morris. This group continued to demonstrate a high level of participation and passion for Firedragons athletics throughout the year. They were able to make their way to the playoffs in their final MS futsal season despite having very few practice opportunities while juggling multiple tasks at the same time— theater shows, China study trip, and high school process etc. This group always showed up to support and cheer for each other—best representing what CAIS spirit is all about! We congratulate this group of eighth graders for your support of Firedragons athletics, and wish you all best of luck with your future endeavors!