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Investing in CAIS’s Students: A Family’s Commitment to Facilities That Support Creativity and Passions

This spring, Angie and Austin Chang, parents of Miles, a 1st grader, made one of their most significant philanthropic commitments to CAIS’ Campaign to Build Our Forever Home. We are honored to receive their generosity, a testament to their belief in our vision and mission. When Austin was asked why they chose to donate to CAIS, he shared a story of purpose and passion…

“We decided to support the capital campaign because we strongly believe in CAIS having a permanent space that can be molded to suit students and families, faculty and staff, and the broader San Francisco community’s needs for generations to come. It’s more than just a campus; it’s a foundation to build from and a home base that the CAIS community can always return to.” 

Austin grew up in upstate New York, far from a large Asian community with a vibrant culture. He shared, “I grew up in Rochester, where there weren’t many Asian Americans and far less Chinese-specific language and cultural immersion programs. Just in these first few years at CAIS, I can see the benefit of this generation of kids understanding their heritage and deepening their roots.”

Their decision wasn’t made alone; it was a collaborative effort spanning generations. “Our contribution extends beyond just Angie and myself. My parents shared our vision and helped make this possible,” Austin said.
With clarity and purpose, they directed their support to an area close to their hearts. “We deliberately chose to support design and technology because we believe it’s pivotal for the future,” said Austin. “Nurturing students’ creative interests and providing modern facilities to help these interests turn into life-long passions was essential to us.” 

Austin and Angie, who both hold master’s degrees in design, are committed to helping expose children to opportunities in design and technology. “Expanding our resources and facilities to allow children to explore their creative passions from a young age is something we didn’t have growing up. We want our children and others to have that opportunity,” Austin said.

Their investment transcends mere infrastructure; it’s about leadership in the San Francisco community. Austin shared, “This space allows us to establish a hub of excellence, differentiating our students and school from the rest of San Francisco’s other great academic institutions.”

For Angie and Austin, CAIS’s vibrant community is a beacon of inspiration. “What makes CAIS truly special is the passion that permeates every facet of the community, from faculty to parents to staff. It was this enthusiasm that initially drew us to the school,” he said.

Their decision to give back reflects a deep-seated belief in the transformative power of philanthropy. “This is one of the most significant contributions we’ve ever made. My parents and I are committed to supporting communities with impactful missions. Giving back isn’t just about our child; it’s about building a lasting legacy for future generations and enriching the broader community. It’s a win-win for everyone involved,” said Austin.

In their remarkable generosity, Angie and Austin are not just shaping the future of CAIS; they’re empowering generations to come, ensuring that every student finds an expansive education, a home, a purpose, and a voice within its walls.

If you’re interested in learning more about leadership giving to the campaign, please contact Berkley Summerlin at b_summerlin@cais.org.