Middle School

Mass Greeting Morale Boost

Lion Dance at Mass Greeting 2024

Educational researchers have long observed that February is often a low point for teacher morale, with positive attitudes for teaching falling off from their high in September and then bouncing back up in the months following February. In my career at four different schools, I’ve found this to be true at every school except at CAIS. While teacher morale may be a little lower than it was in September, it does not fall to the depths that I have seen at other schools. Why? I would like to suggest that it’s Mass Greeting.

The tradition—a celebration of student talent and of our school community, all in an event where the entire community gets to come together—is the perfect antidote for the cold, dark, rainy months that have preceded Mass Greeting. I’ve worked for schools that have had similar events such as May Day, Congé, and Nature Day, but none seem to rise to the level of celebration that is Mass Greeting. I want to thank Nia Womack-Freeman, Cindy Chiang, and the Middle School faculty for doing such a great job preparing the Middle School dancers, musicians, and the fantastic Eighth Grade Emcees.