Admission Testimonials

Nguyen Family

Our Family:

1st grader, Blake, started at CAIS as a P4 student after having spent his earlier years at a Mandarin-immersion daycare. Blake’s two younger sisters, Cora and Kayla, as P3 and P2 students this new school year.”


From our experience during the last two years, we feel that the faculty and staff at CAIS are phenomenal. We appreciate the effective communication between teachers and parents, and also the supportive learning environment that they have provided our son.”

Your experience now as a parent:

The community engagement has been one of the most special things that we have discovered about CAIS. It seems to be at the heart of everything. These are just a few examples of why we love it here at CAIS . Our family is looking forward to building even more meaningful experiences and bonds within the CAIS school community and beyond.”

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