USF Basketball Visits the 888 Campus

USF Basketball Players Visit CAIS Middle School

At CAIS, one of the many ways we embrace Chinese culture is by connecting students with local communities via hands-on interactions. This supports students’ future growth both inside and outside the classroom and is part of what helps CAIS students understand their own identities. For example our middle school students were able to welcome two college basketball student-athletes from the University of San Francisco basketball program earlier this month: Mike Sharavjamts (the first Mongolian student-athlete in an NCAA Division 1 athletic program) and Junjie (Barry) Wang. Both share a similar Chinese heritage background to many of our CAIS students. Through in-depth conservations, in both English and Chinese, students heard from both players about their journeys, challenges, and success as Asian student-athletes studying and living here in San Francisco.

Students had a positive and fun meet and greet interactive learning experience with both NCAA Division 1 basketball players, alongside the USF mascot, “The Don.” The highlight of the event was the “knock-out” basketball shooting fun activity among students and both players (see video below). Our students not only got to see a high level of athleticism from both college players, but also demonstrated excellent competitiveness and supportiveness toward each other throughout the activity themselves. One of our eighth graders, Jack L. ’24, won! Students ended the day with an awesome poster signing opportunity offered by the USF athletic program. We look forward to continuing our community outreach alliance and  welcome their visit again in the near future!