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Strategic Vision 2020-2025

2020-2025 年策略愿景

The print version of the Strategic Vision 2020-2025 features content in Chinese and English working from both directions toward a common center spread. Enjoy the sides in either English or Chinese via the image links or the full text below:

Reimagining CAIS,
Reimagining Success

Frequently exchanged at New Year, the blessing 望子成龙 wàng zĭ chéng lóng “May Your Child Become a Dragon” wishes a life of success for your child. With the hard-won wisdom that comes from four decades of pioneering Mandarin immersion, CAIS is distinctly positioned to define just what success looks like. Through decades of groundbreaking work in Chinese immersion, we have evolved from basic markers and metrics of success to a nuanced view of the whole child and, importantly, how they will make a difference in the world. These lessons and community insights have led not only to the directives outlined in this Strategic Vision, they have also informed the evolution of our Mission and the codification of our Core Values of Curiosity, Kindness, Inclusion, Courage, and Perseverance.

Community-wide Process

Upon successful completion of the 2014–18 Strategic Vision, CAIS had seen tremendous progress and growth (including the creation of a new Middle School campus). Reflecting on having fulfilled the promise of that vision, the CAIS community looked to the future emboldened with an energized feeling of “What next?” Working closely with consultant Bill Jackson and the Board of Trustees, Head of School Jeff Bissell crafted a thoughtful, expansive, and inclusive process to tackle this heady question and build on the school’s enormous momentum and strength. 

In addition to scores of individual meetings with CAIS faculty and parents, the Strategic Vision process included the creation of a Vision Advisory Team with representatives from key constituencies (trustees, parents, teachers, administrators, staff, alumni, current students and even a peer educator). The Vision Advisory Team met monthly to review the Strategic Vision as it progressed and provide a vital sounding board for Jeff Bissell and the Board of Trustees. The entire community was invited to participate in a Strategic Vision Roundtable and in surveys. A number of deans at area high schools were interviewed to learn what qualities they saw in our students and what attributes were important to the institutions where our alumni will move on to after CAIS.

The firehose of valuable data that streamed in from these sources was funneled through successive rounds of review with the Vision Advisory Team, the Educational Leadership Team, faculty meetings, and the Board of Trustees. We are proud of our thoughtful, dedicated community and we hope that you see some of yourself and your contributions in this Strategic Vision. With the strength of experience and incredible community input, we are uniquely positioned to reimagine what success looks like. As illustrated by our Core Values, we have even reimagined dragons. 望子成龙 indeed!


过年时,大家经常说 “望子成龙”,意思就是希望自己的子女能在将来有成就。拥有四十年的中文沉浸式教学得来不易的智慧,中美很有资格给成功下定义。数十年来在中文沉浸式教育领域的不断创新,我们对成功的看法已经从基本的衡量标准演变为重视整个孩子的成长过程,更重要的是,重视他们将来能如何贡献给这个世界。这些累积的经验和社区成员的见解不仅帮助我们拟定了“策略愿景”中的方针,而且还进一步的为我们的办学宗旨带来新的面貌,更制定了中美的核心价值观 在成功完成《2014-18年策略愿景》后,中美获得了长足的进步与成长(包括建立了新的中学校园)。兑现了对此愿景的承诺,中美社区热烈地期待 “我们的下一步是什么?” 校长Jeff Bissell与顾问Bill Jackson以及中美理事会密切合作,打铁趁热,充分利用学校的广大资源,精心设计了一个周全、广泛而包容的流程,来研讨这个重要的问题。 除了与家长和教职员举行的个别会议之外,此“策略愿景”流程还包括成立 “愿景咨询团队”,团队的代表包括中美理事、家长、老师、行政人员、学校职员、校友、在校生以及一位教育同行。团队成员一个月会面一次来研讨《策略愿景》的进展状况,并为Jeff Bissell和理事会提供重要的意见和建议。整个中美社区成员都应邀参加策略愿景的讨论会议和问卷调查。此外,我们也对附近高中的行政人员进行了采访,来了解他们在我们的学生中看到了什么素质,以及他们认为中美学生还需要哪些重要特质来支持“后中美”阶段的学习。 愿景咨询团队、教育领导团队,学校的教职员工和理事会的成员透过许多程序来审核、整理并分析这些来自各方的宝贵资料。对中美思虑周到而尽心投入的社区我们感到非常自豪,并希望您能看到您自己在《策略愿景》中的贡献。 凭借着学校多年来丰富的经验和令人难以置信的社区投入,我们得以重新构思成功的定义。正如我们的核心价值观所呈现,我们实际上也给 “望子成龙” 下了一个新的定义

Reimagining Success

Our Envisioned Future

We envision new generations of passionate, engaged, and reflective learners who lead meaningful and impactful lives across languages and cultures.



Reimagining Immersion

Long Term Goal: CAIS students achieve Chinese proficiency levels that enable them to engage with confidence in interesting and meaningful classroom projects and in real-life situations, while simultaneously developing competencies that extend far beyond language learning.

Key Strategy: We will leverage time, staffing, and impactful pedagogy to achieve greater student engagement and proficiency in Chinese.

Key Strategy: We will focus on innovative approaches to immersion aimed at intentionally cultivating cognitive, character, and intercultural competencies—this is the “CAIS Immersion Bonus.”

Rationale: In order for students to engage in interesting and meaningful work in another language, they must develop requisite levels of proficiency and experience feelings of success. Likewise, in order for them to sustain their motivation and achieve high levels of proficiency, the work they do must be interesting and meaningful to them. Beyond language achievement, immersion in Chinese language and culture should be a vehicle to develop students’ problem solving and meaning-making skills as well as foster perseverance, humility, curiosity, empathy, connection to others, and a true appreciation of difference.


长期目标: 中美的学生能有信心地参与学习项目、达到现实生活所需要的中文水平,并同时发展出超越语言范围的技能。


主要策略: 我们会使用创新方法来实践中美的沉浸式教学,并全心培育学生的认知、品格和跨文化的能力-这就是“中美沉浸式教学的额外收获”。


Reimagining Immersion

Reimagining Our Culture of Learning

Long Term Goal: CAIS fosters a culture of learning characterized by curiosity, agency, perseverance, and joy.  Our culture supports the development of each student’s skills, abilities, and learning dispositions, so that they are able to adapt and thrive in a world that continuously presents new challenges and opportunities.

Key Strategy: We will support our students in building the skills they need to be prepared for the evolving challenges of school, work, and life.  These skills include critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication.

Key Strategy: We will emphasize connections between learning, purpose, and meaning.

Rationale: In a world where knowledge and information change and increase rapidly, coverage and assessment of a finite amount of discrete academic content will not serve our students well.  In order to welcome new opportunities and challenges with confidence and skill, our students must be able to take control of their own learning, experiencing the joy and empowerment of a life in which learning is a continuous and never-ending journey.  Students must be adept at assessing new situations, and with an understanding of their own strengths, challenges, and passions, choose a path forward that will help them to become their best selves and contribute to a better world.


长期目标: 中美的学习文化是以好奇、动机、毅力和乐趣为基础。我们协助每个学生发展自身的学习能力与积极的学习态度,使他们能适应这个多变的世界并充分发展自我。

主要策略:我们会协助学生发展他们所需要的能力,来应对在学校、工作、和生活上的挑战。 这些能力包括批判思考、创造以及合作、沟通的能力。



Reimagining Our Culture of Learning

Reimagining Character and Community

Long Term Goal: CAIS students build their capacity to be kind and resilient individuals who actively participate in, contribute to, and grow within a diverse, equitable, and inclusive community.

Key Strategy: We will leverage impactful curricula and programs to develop and nurture our students’ self-management, relationship-building, and decision-making skills.

Key Strategy: We will continue to grow a school community that is diverse, equitable, and inclusive through sustained and measurable work in the commitments articulated by our stakeholders in the DEI Vision Statement.

Rationale: CAIS challenges students to become their best selves and contribute to a better world. In order to realize these aspirations, they require a strong foundation in both academic learning and character development. We firmly believe social and emotional competence can and must be explicitly taught in order for our students to achieve their potential.


长期目标: 中美的学生努力成为善良、坚韧的人。他们能在一个多元、公平和包容的社区里积极参与、贡献与成长。




Reimagining Character and Community

Reimagining Our Learning Spaces

Long Term Goal: CAIS has long term control of its facilities. Our campus is designed and built to support current and future programs that have a transformative impact on learning, community, and culture.

Key Strategy: We will search for, secure, and develop a long term home for “CAIS Preschool-Plus.”

Key Strategy: We will secure the long term control of our CAIS Middle School campus.

Rationale: “Reimagining CAIS” contains exciting ideas with transformative implications for 1) our people and 2) our programs.  We also must consider a third factor — place.  As we learned with the opening of the 888 Middle School campus in 2015, facilities can have a transformative impact on people and programs.  We must support the changes we envision by imagining, designing and building with flexible educational environments that will impact learning, community, and school culture. 


长期目标: 中美对自己的学校设施有长期的自主权。我们的校园是为学生现在和将来的学习而设计的。校园的设备对学生学习、学校社区、和学校文化有决定性的影响。



1) 人员
2) 课程两大因素 此外,我们还必须考虑另外一个因素—场地。888校园于2015年启用之后,我们发现校园设备对人以及课程方面有重大的影响。我们必须通过构思如何设计灵活的教育环境来推动我们所期望的改变。这个改变将会长远地影响学生学习、学校社区和学校文化。

Reimagining Our Learning Spaces