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School Spotlight — Chu Hsi Tseng

Preschool Director Chu Hsi Tseng Preschool Director Chu Hsi Tseng began at CAIS in the summer of 2020 during the height of pandemic uncertainty. Not only did she oversee the…

Mar 11, 2022

School Spotlight — Annie Yu

IT Manager Annie Yu Since 2014, much of IT Manager Annie Yu’s work has happened behind the scenes, making her one of the stealthiest stars on the CAIS team. The…

Feb 04, 2022

School Spotlight — Pamela Winthrop

Director of Institutional Advancement Pamela Winthrop Over her nine years at CAIS (nearly a quarter of the school’s lifetime!), Director of Institutional Advancement Pam Winthrop has overseen an explosion in…

Jan 07, 2022

School Spotlight — Sean Mosconi

High School Placement Counselor Sean Mosconi In addition to serving as Sixth Grade English and Social Studies Teacher, for the past three years Sean Mosconi has deftly guided CAIS middle…

Nov 05, 2021

School Spotlight — Mami Takahara

K-4th Grade Counselor Mami Takahara ECD and Lower School families have gotten to know our new K-4th Grade Counselor through her “Ms. Takahara’s Corner” in the division newsletters. In these…

Oct 22, 2021

School Spotlight — Julie Farrell

Global Learning Coordinator Julie Farrell The old phrase, “Making lemonade out of lemons” seems tailor-made for Global Programs Coordinator Julie Farrell. Instead of simply making just one sweet drink, though,…

Oct 08, 2021

School Spotlight — Cindy Chiang

Chinese Program Director Cindy Chiang This week Chinese Program Director Cindy Chiang was being interviewed by students in third grade Chinese classes, so we grabbed the chance to ask her…

Sep 24, 2021

School Spotlight — Stephanie Liang

Pandemic Response and Health Coordinator Stephanie Liang Returning families no doubt remember how ubiquitous our Pandemic Response Coordinator Adam Ross was last school year. It’s hard to imagine now, but…

Sep 10, 2021