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Why do we create and what do we include in a student’s portfolio in Preschool?

In Preschool, we provide individualized teaching and learning to young children and each family will receive your child’s student portfolio four times a year. We implement research-based curricula and learning…

Nov 02, 2023

What Is a Preschool Learning Story?

A learning story is a narrative written by teachers or educators to capture a child’s learning experiences, progress, and development over time. It provides a holistic view of a child’s…

Nov 02, 2023

What Is a Preschool Developmental Profile?

Preschool teachers conduct students’ Preschool Developmental Profiles at the beginning and end of the school year. These profiles help both teachers and families gain a better understanding of your child’s…

Nov 02, 2023

Who Am I? Who Are You?

Play and socialization are the most important “work” of early childhood as they are essential to healthy development for children. Research shows that 75% of brain development occurs after birth….

Nov 14, 2022

Learning Math and Science in Preschool

Ever wonder how children learn math and science in preschool? Preschool children learn the best when they have a problem in mind that really interests them and they must look for…

Nov 04, 2022

Chinese Curriculum Refinements

The joy and excitement that I felt at the start and 100-day mark of the year have continued all the way through as we wrap up my first year leading our outstanding Chinese Program. When I joined CAIS…

Jun 07, 2022

Messy Art Day—It’s All About Process!

Messy Art Day is a day for young children to truly get their hands dirty! Children explore colors, textures, and a variety of media in a safe and fun environment….

May 12, 2022

Questions Power Learning

In April and May, children are engaged in the exploration of living things. We began the study by observing and classifying living and non-living things. Through this work, children began…

May 06, 2022

Celebrating Inclusive Mother’s Day & Father’s Day

Have you thought about how to talk about Mother’s Day or Father’s Day with your kids? At CAIS, we foster a professional learning community committed to the work of diversity,…

May 06, 2022

Parents Help Earth Day Come Alive for Preschoolers

Children have learned that we celebrate Earth Day because we love and respect our planet! We make small changes in our everyday life to protect our Earth. Students enjoyed six…

Apr 21, 2022