Futsal Firedragon Champions 2023!

Friday, May 12 was a blur of flying feet across the futsal court as our 19th Avenue Gymnasium hosted the SFAL Futsal Finals. Four CAIS teams competed and both the JV6 Girls and Varsity Boys teams won their League Championship titles! In addition to declaring, “Congratulations to all Firedragon teams, you all were fantastic this season,” Interim Athletic Director Kevin Lee shared the following quick recaps of all the excitement:

CAIS JV6 Girls vs CAIS JV7 Girls
“JV6 won 2-1 in a hard fought game! Congrats to JV6 on the win and hats off also to JV7 for all the growth and improvement they’ve made this season. I can’t wait to see what these two teams will look like next year.”

CAIS JV7 Boys vs Live Oak
“Live Oak won 3-1. JV7 fought hard during the match and never gave up. It was a tough match and our Firedragons should be proud they represented our school well.”

CAIS Varsity Boys vs Kittredge
“CAIS Varsity took the win 5-2! Kittredge came with their full squad and fought us hard for every point. Our Firedragons never gave up and in the end were victorious.”