Admission Testimonials

Schaulis Werdegar Family

Our Family:

“We have been at CAIS for 11 years. Henry graduated in 2021 and is now in 10th grade. Sena is in 8th. We do not speak Mandarin at home except when the kids want to say something the parents won’t understand.” 


“We did not plan on Mandarin. We had raised our kids with the plan for Spanish bilingual education. When we visited CAIS we were so impressed with the school that we decided to take the plunge into raising kids who spoke 3 languages. We felt that we could trust CAIS to provide the highest level of education and that we wouldn’t have to sacrifice quality and stability just because we wanted language.” 

Your experience now as a parent:

“The community has been amazing. Parents, faculty and staff unite around high quality education as well as overall student wellness. As parents, Matt and I have learned so much from being a part of CAIS and we feel so privileged to have had this experience. It has expanded our world. The kids are starting to really see how unique their education has been as they move towards high school and college.  In addition to the day to day school, the international exchanges have been life changing for both kids.”

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