Auxiliary Program

“Fall” Into More Than 50 After School Enrichment Classes at CAIS

Science Fun at CAIS After School
Science Fun at CAIS After School

Once again our students will have an outstanding array of after school offerings to enjoy at CAIS this fall. The 50+ Fall Enrichment Classes span a range of interests in the Performing Arts, Creative Arts, Math and Science, Creative Writing, and others such as Debate, Cooking, Chess and more. Classes are offered at all three campuses for a variety of schedules. Registration opens August 1 at 7:00 a.m. online at UltraCamp

Complete details of the courses mentioned below may be found at the Fall Enrichment page.


APA1. Hip Hop Dance Class 
APA1-A. Preschool 3 and Preschool 4
APA1-B. 1st – 2nd Grade
APA1-C. 3rd – 5th Grade

APA2. 5th Grade Chinese Music Ensemble [Class Taught in Chinese]

APA3. 7th Grade Chinese Music Ensemble [Class Taught in Chinese]

APA4. 8th Grade Chinese Music Ensemble [Class Taught in Chinese]


ACA1. The Art of Painting: Movement and Form (Grades: K – 1st)

ACA2. Great Wilderness STEAM Adventure: California Coast (Grades: 1st – 3rd)

ACA3. Intro to Jewelry and Beading (Grades: K – 3rd)

ACA4. Pop Art (Grades: 1st – 4th)

ACA5. Intro to Sculpture and 3D Textural Art (Grades: 2nd-3rd)

ACA6. Stop-Motion Mix Media Makers (Grades: 2nd – 5th)

ACA7. Messy Makerz (Grade: Kindergarten)

ACA8. Space Exploration (Grades: K – 3rd)

ACA9. 3D Textural Art Club: Pop Art Decor, Resin and more (Grades: 4th – 5th)


AMS1. STEAM LEGO [Waller] (Grades: P3 – P4)

AMS2. STEAM LEGO®[Oak] (Grades: K – 1st)

AMS3. Adventures in STEM using LEGO® Materials
AMS3-A. Kindergarten
AMS3-B. 1st – 4th Grade

AMS4. Kitchen Chemistry Makerz (Grades: 2nd – 5th)

AMS5. Science Adventures [Waller] (Grades: P3 – P4)

AMS6. Science Adventures: Kindergarten

AMS7. Science Adventures
AMS7-A. 1st – 2nd Grade
AMS7-B. 2nd –  5th Grade

AMS8. Unleash Your Inner Inventor (Grades: 1st – 3rd)

AMS9. SpyKids
AMS9-A: 1st – 2nd
AMS9-B: 3rd – 4th

AMS10. Math Olympiad ​​中文奥数[Taught in Chinese]
::New Structure In-Person teaching by Jason Tan::
AMS10-A. 1st – 2nd 
AMS10-B. 3rd – 5th 
AMS10-C. Kindergarten

AMS11. Intermediate MATHCOUNTS (Grades: 6th – 7th)

AMS12. Advanced MATHCOUNTS (Grades: 7th – 8th)

Creative Writing

ACW1. Shuchi’s Comic and Basic Animation Workshops
ACW1-A. Kindergarten
ACW1-B. 1st – 3rd Grade
ACW1-C. 4th – 5th Grade
ACW1-D. 6th – 8th Grade

ACW2. Comics and Visual Storytelling (Grades: 1st – 4th)

Other Interests

AOI1. 4ft and Up Cooking Class
AOI1-A. Preschool 3 and Preschool 4
AOI1-B. K – 1st Grade
AOI1-C. 2nd – 5th Grade
AOI1-D. K – 1st Grade

AOI2. Sewing with Ms. (Grades: 2nd – 5th)

AOI3. Stitching Stars: A Magical Sewing Adventure for Young Creators
AOI3-A. K – 2nd
AOI3-B. 3rd – 7th

AOI4. Baker’s Stand: Chinese Snacks/Dim Sum Cooking (Grades: 2nd – 6th)

AOI5. Chess Challenge
AOI5-A. K – 1st 
AOI5-B. 2nd – 5th

AOI6. Elementary Speech & Debate (Grades: 4th – 5th)

AOI7. Middle School Speech & Debate (Grades: 6th – 8th)

Private Instruction Music Classes

A) Private Music Lessons with Brendan Getzell (Grades: Kindergarten and up)

B) Chinese Instrument Lessons (Grades: K – 8th)