Admission Testimonials

Heitner Family

Our Family:

“Alexander (1st) and Aaron (P3) joined CAIS last winter. Taoran (from Chengdu) and Dana (from Cincinnati) met in San Francisco. Taoran utilizes her native Mandarin at home with the boys on occasion. Both boys have flourished in CAIS’ incredibly enriching curriculum, in addition to learning Mandarin at an exponential speed since transferring and are already communicating with their Chinese grandparents comfortably over FaceTime.”


“Both of our boys are wonderfully bright and passionate, deeply inquisitive learners who are also neurodiverse (ADHD). We believe CAIS’ pioneering approach to immersion is uniquely positioned to develop their “head and heart” — enkindling intellectual curiosity and building mental resilience, traits that will permit them to face uncertainty and ambiguity while, in equal part, fostering deep empathy and an open mind in preparation for engaging a diverse world.  The thoughtfulness and intentionality that pervades CAIS’ living curriculum and student centered yet research-based approach resonates with us. We could not have found a better environment where our children enjoy friendship and celebrate learning.”

Your experience now as a parent:

The CAIS community is incredibly well organized and competent. Volunteering is welcome at all levels. If you are a busy working parent, you are well informed of all the events and activities, and you have the freedom of joining any of these activities at your own capacity. On the other hand, if you are eager to be involved first hand, the sky’s the limit. CAIS parents are constantly sharing resources and welcoming suggestions so the community can continue to grow and better serve the community at large.”

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