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Investing in CAIS’s Future: A Family’s Commitment to Excellence

The Kocher Family
The Kocher Family

Since 1981, CAIS has been a beacon of excellence, nurturing young minds in a bilingual and bicultural environment. Yet, like any institution committed to growth, CAIS recognizes the need to evolve and expand for the present and future generations.

Helene Kocher, a cherished member of the CAIS community, shares her family’s profound commitment to the school’s future through their generous support of the Capital Campaign. As the wife of Paul Kocher, a dedicated CAIS Board of Trustees member, and the mother of two former CAIS students, Eric (Class of 2022) and Sophie, Helene’s passion for the school runs deep.

“When we decided to support the Capital Campaign, it wasn’t just about our children,” Helene reflects. “It was about leaving the school in a better place than when we arrived and securing its future.”

Helene’s vision for CAIS extends beyond mere infrastructure. She sees the magic in bringing together every facet of the school community under one roof. “CAIS is amazing,” she shares, “but it will be even better when everyone is together. There’s something truly special about that unity.”

Helene envisions a future where cross-pollination flourishes between students and teachers in different grades. “By supporting the Capital Campaign, we’re not just investing in buildings,” she explains. “We’re investing in the rich tapestry of experiences that make CAIS exceptional.”

At the heart of Helene’s commitment lies CAIS’s unique approach to education. “I love that the school is not just bilingual; it is bicultural,” she emphasizes. “We are shaping global citizens here, instilling empathy and understanding from a young age.”

“I love that the school is not just bilingual; it is bicultural. We are shaping global citizens here, instilling empathy and understanding from a young age.”

Helene Kocher, CAIS Volunteer of the Year 2018

Her belief in CAIS is unwavering. “We wholeheartedly believe in the school,” Helene affirms. “So, we made as generous a gift as possible to ease the financial burden on the school and ensure that future generations can benefit from everything CAIS has to offer.”

For Helene, giving to CAIS is more than a philanthropic gesture; it’s a testament to her love for the school and its community. “If you trust CAIS to educate your children,” she urges, “support it wholeheartedly. Your gift isn’t just helping your child; it is supporting the teachers you love and enriching the lives of countless others.”

As CAIS embarks on this transformative journey, Helene’s message resonates deeply: donating in whatever capacity you can is paramount. “Giving is really important,” she emphasizes. “It’s about investing in something you believe in and ensuring its success for years to come.”

In closing, Helene shared, “I love CAIS. I love the people, the community, the friendships forged. Supporting the Capital Campaign is our way of giving back to a school that has given us so much.”

As CAIS prepares to embark on this exciting new chapter, Helene and her family stand as shining examples of what it means to invest in excellence, leaving an indelible mark on the school’s storied legacy. Together, let us join hands in ensuring that CAIS’s future shines brighter than ever before.

If you’re interested in learning more about leadership giving to the campaign, please contact Berkley Summerlin at b_summerlin@cais.org