Admission Testimonials

Mok Family

Our Family:

“Hi this is Yvette and David, parents of Chloe P2.”


“We grew up attending international schools in Asia (with some fellow CAIS parents) so it’s amazing to be able to have our kids at CAIS growing up together as well! We love the teachers at CAIS for how much they genuinely care about the kids. When we ask Chloe who her best friends are at school she unfailingly says “Laoshi! Teacher is my favorite!”

Your experience now as a parent:

“We were so nervous sending Chloe off to school so early (first and only child hah!), but the parent community, especially P2 parents, really put us at ease as a lot were in our shoes as well. It’s amazing to see all the parents come together despite all our busy schedules in order to enhance students’ learning at various school events such as Messy Art Day and Halloween parades. We feel so lucky to have found new friends in bulk, especially during this stage of life.”

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