Admission Testimonials

Young Family

Our Family:

“We’re Nellie and Darrell Young, and Ryan (third grade). We joined CAIS in late October 2022. I wish we could have joined sooner. Ryan had a solid background in Mandarin, largely due to Little Footprints Preschool. I can speak a little Mandarin; I took 2+ years in college. I occasionally help Ryan with his Mandarin homework, but we mostly speak English at home otherwise.” 


As a parent, of course I want the very best available for my child — and I believe that is what CAIS provides—robust curriculum, long-tenured teachers (huge plus!), wide array of specialist instructors, expansive after-school club offerings, and active parent community. I believe that a bilingual education will greatly enhance my son’s intellect and communication skills.  Not just because he learns two languages, but more so because he learns to create, collaborate and problem solve across a broader spectrum of circumstances and people. Also, I am excited about the new campus.”

Our experience now as a parent:

Although a mid-year transfer, my son loved CAIS from Day 1. Me too.  But we came from a much smaller private school.  My son seemed to “fit in” and make friends from Day 1, but I think I had to adjust to the much larger community of teachers and parents. That said, I was super impressed with our 2nd Grade Room Parents and everyone else I met along the way. The pace of opportunities to be involved was incredible.  And volunteering for Field Trips is fun, because I enjoy being part of the kids’ activities.”

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