Learning / Early Childhood

First Grade Glimpse


Here are a selection of quick first grade teacher recaps from ECD Head Wei Qian’s and Intern ECD Head Kimberly Kaz’s newsletters this year to give a peek into the first grade classrooms in action.

From Miss Solomon’s Classroom

In Peaceful Changemakers, first graders have been learning about young people who saw a problem in the world and used their voices to stand up for what’s right. We read about Greta Thunberg, who learned about climate change and felt empowered to protect the Earth. The first graders learned about protests and how people make signs to inspire others to create change. Unprompted, students even started bringing bags out to recess to pick up wrappers and trash so they wouldn’t end up in the ocean!

Inspired by our Peaceful Changemakers unit, the first graders decided to start their own activism group called Strong Voices. Join the Strong Voices group if you believe in using your voice to help the Earth and people in need!


From Chen Laoshi’s Classroom

First graders have been learning about light, exploring how much light different materials allow to pass through. As part of their studies, they used tissue paper to create stained glass art. This hands-on activity helped them understand concepts like transparency and translucency in a fun and creative way.

From Ms. Meyers & Shyu Laoshi’s’ Classrooms

First graders have been practicing their toy presentations. The students created their own toys, documented the procedure for making them, and designed their own presentation boards in class. Each group is responsible for asking questions to the other groups and ensuring they can present their toys effectively.