Learning / Global Program

Eighth Grade in Guilin, China

The 8th Grade program itinerary is built in close collaboration with The Chinese Language Institute (CLI), our program operator in Guilin. CAIS students are placed in a host family in Guilin, with a host sibling from a local school. Host families house CAIS students throughout their time in Guilin, dropping CAIS students off at a predetermined time and location each school day for small-group Chinese classes and excursions. Host families are selected and endorsed by partner schools, vetted and trained by CLI staff, and sign an agreement outlining terms prior to hosting.

Highlights of the 2024 program included:

  • Traveling from Hong Kong to Guilin by bullet train
  • Exploring 客世界 shopping center in small groups upon arrival 

  • Participating in language activities at Zhusheng temple, the adjacent Traditional Chinese Medicine market, and a nearby wet market

  • Hiking Chuanshan 穿山 for panoramic views of Guilin

  • Pairing up with CLI 朋友 interns for the Discover Guilin Scavenger Hunt
  • Explore Xingping Ancient Town, followed by a group lunch in Xingping
  • Hiking along a section of the majestic Yulonghe (遇龙河; Dragon Encounter Creek)

  • Witnessing the 千古情 Eternal Love performance

  • Shadowing student buddies at Guidian School (桂电)

  • Picking tea leaves and enjoying a traditional tea ceremony, followed by Taiji class
  • Enjoying in a mapping activity at Seven Star Park 七星公园
  • Visiting the Longsheng Rice Terraces (~3 hours)

  • Hiking through Ping’an Village and check into our hotel

  • Having a lunch with members of the Zhuang and Yao ethnic minority communities to learn more about their unique lifestyle, history, and traditions
  • Walking tour of Ping’an and the rice terraces in small groups with local guides
  • Group dinner at a local restaurant