Admission Testimonials

Soares Family

Our Family:

Claire started Kindergarten at CAIS in fall 2023 after having spent almost two years at a Mandarin immersion preschool. We (Alessandra and Bruno) are from Brazil and we only speak Portuguese with her. Claire is the first Mandarin speaker in our family.”


“Our family always knew we wanted to immerse Claire in a third language at an early age when her brain is really receptive to different languages. And language is deeply tied to culture. Our first contact with CAIS was very positive, the faculty and staff went beyond our expectations. We could understand how they develop proficiency in Mandarin, but also address other aspects of the student’s growth and development. CAIS encompasses academic excellence, cultural understanding, extracurricular activities, and social and emotional development. And the best part as a parent is to witness how happy your child is while watching her progress, how she’s evolving.”

Your experience now as a parent:

“The CAIS community is so special and active, which we believe is crucial for personal and collective flourishing. The community provides us a sense of belonging, and social support that are crucial to overall well-being. We’re looking forward to more experiences with the CAIS community.”

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